What’s the difference between Touch Pro and Touch Pro Duo?
What are the main differences between Touch and Touch Pro?
How do I configure/edit the customisable homescreen?
Why can’t I always resize the widgets/shortcuts on the customisable homescreen?
I've created my own homescreen – can I make this the default homescreen?
How many homescreens can I create?
Can I customise the factory set homescreen?
Can I use my own wallpaper?
What’s the function of the small square icons inside each quadrant on the homescreen?
Which functions can be operated with the steering wheel controls?
How many TV/Radio favourites can I access directly from the cluster menu with the steering wheel controls?
Sources in the media player are sometimes shown in different positions, why is this?
How do I repeat all songs/an entire album?
If I decide to sell my vehicle, how can I delete my personal data?
After reversing the vehicle, then driving forwards, the Park Distance Control screen pops up on the Touchscreen – how can I hide it?
Can I adjust the volume of the Navigation guidance and Park Distance Control alerts?
Can I enable audible traffic alerts broadcasts from local radio stations?
Why isn't there an option to change the time setting?
Depending on what feature I’m using, clicking on the Settings button brings up different options – why is this?
Why does the rear camera always show when I select Reverse – why not display 360 degree camera view if that was my last used option?
Which features can I control with the new Voice Recognition System?
Why doesn’t the Voice Recognition System recognise certain radio stations?
Why can't I use the Voice Recognition System to control the climate?
Can I change the language of the Voice Recognition System?
The settings for voice recognition show controls for confirmation and feedback, what are these?
Which versions of Internet browser and operating system are supported across the various apps and websites available?
How can I check if my phone is compatible?
How can I download the smartphone apps?
What is my driving score?
Why do I have a high percentage driving score, but poor fuel consumption?
Why is it sometimes difficult to press the buttons at the top of a web page?
The ‘back’ key doesn’t always return me to my last used feature/screen, why is this?


Why can’t I switch the map view to north-up?
How do I select 3D Map View in the virtual instrument display?
Why does the virtual instrument display default back to instrument dial view between journeys?
What’s the difference between the various route options displayed?
Occasionally the speed limit information displayed on the Navigation system does not match that shown on the actual road signs, why is this?
Why does the Navigation map stop moving when I use the pinch to zoom gesture?
How many waypoints can I create along a route?
In ‘guidance’ mode, can I customise which alerts appear on the side of the map?
Why is the homescreen showing an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for a destination that I haven’t selected?
How many journeys do I need to make to the same destination before the Commute feature learns the journey?
How do I set a destination?
Why hasn’t the destination I sent to my vehicle appeared on the in-vehicle Navigation system?
How can I view alternative routes?
How do I use the destination search function?
What’s the most efficient way to search for a destination?
When entering a postcode using the address entry method, why isn’t there an option to add a house number?
Why does the fuel-warning icon sometimes appear when I set a destination?
Why do the tiles on the side of the main Navigation screen disappear when the vehicle starts moving?
Can I change between male and female voice guidance instructions for Navigation?
If I’m using the Navigation system in guidance mode and I search for a new destination, why doesn’t the system allow me to replace my current destination with the new one searched?
When entering an address, why is it always necessary to type the town before entering the street?
How are Land Rover maps updated?
How can I check which countries are covered by my on-board maps?


The massage seats turn on automatically, how can I stop this?
How long does the massage programme run for?


How can I pair my Bluetooth-enabled phone?
Can my downloaded contacts or photos be viewed by anyone with access to the vehicle?
How many Bluetooth devices can be connected or paired?
How do I search for contacts from my phone contacts list?
Why is the phone icon still visible when I’m in the phone screen?
Why doesn’t the vehicle remember my Bluetooth phone and pair with it automatically?
Can Touch Pro read out incoming text messages and emails?


In the Radio feature, are ‘Favourites’ similar to pre-sets?
How do I add a Radio station to my Favourites?
Can I change the order of my Favourites list?
How do I remove a station from my Favourites list?
I have selected carousel view, so why is my music shown as a list?
How do I switch between radio stations when I’m in Media?
Can I rip CDs to Touch Pro’s media library?
Can the Gracenote database be updated to accommodate newly released albums?
How are FM stations organised in the media library?
Can I view more than one TV channel in my vehicle?
When I insert a DVD into the drive slot, why doesn’t it play automatically?
When I’m viewing the media player screen and I press the power button, the screen doesn’t turn off – instead the homescreen is displayed. Why is this?
Can I control and monitor content on the rear screens from the front of the vehicle?
In the rear media ‘supervisor’ screen, what is the function of the lock button?
Can I mute/adjust the cabin audio volume from the rear of the vehicle?
What features are available in the new Rear Seat Entertainment system?
When using InControl Apps, why is the audio played through my Android phone’s speaker rather than the vehicle’s sound system?
What capacity USB sticks can be used?
Can I use portable media storage drives?
Which media formats are supported for playback of music and video?
Is USB 3.0 supported?


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