At Ritz Motors, we make leasing your Land Rover simple, flexible and efficient. Choose your lease to match your purchasing needs. Find out more below or contact us for more information.

Experience hassle free motoring with Land Rover Leasing with a low initial outlay and regular rental payments.


How it works:

  • Just choose your Land Rover, agree your annual mileage and how many monthly rental payments you prefer, either 24, 36 or 48 months.
  • Then choose the right optional service, maintenance and repair package for you.
  • Your rental fee is calculated based on your choices.
  • At the end of the term, the vehicle must be returned and you will have nothing further to pay provided it is returned within the condition specified in the agreement terms and conditions and within the agreed mileage*.
  • Choose your next Land Rover and, start again.


  • Low initial outlay and regular rentals for easy budgeting
  • Optional servicing, maintenance and repair packages bring all your running costs together in a single rental payment
  • No concerns over the future value of your car
  • You don’t have the worry of selling your car at the end of your contract

Terms and Conditions:

*If the vehicle does not meet the mileage and condition terms excess charges will apply.
Lease agreements are subject to status.

Contact a Sales Executive for more information on the options available.